It is normally supposed that something always gets lost in translation; I cling, obstinately to the notion that something can also be gained.” ― Salman Rushdie


Language Symphony – Keeping your words in tune!

A symphony is a musical composition consisting of different movements that blend into one masterpiece. Similarly, translation can be regarded as a manifold piece of art combining different components to one coherent form of linguistic expression.

And this is what I do. I make sure that your words, no matter whether expressed in German or English, stay in tune.

My educational background and natural feel for language equip me with the necessary skills to bring your message across in all its facets.

I compose translations that take the target readers cultural outlook into account while making sure your voice is heard. So-called “transcreations” are the core of my business.

Being at home in two cultures and thus two languages along with my background in linguistics and social anthropology help me to ensure to provide  you with culturally sensitive translations that neither lack creativity nor professionalism. Thorough research is an essential part of my work and enables me to provide you with accurate and high-standard translations.

My special fields are business texts, marketing, fashion and cosmetics as well as tourism.

My clients include local as well as international companies. Moreover, I built strong relationships with international translation agencies that provide translation services to large corporates, among others Schwarzkopf, Milka, Estee Lauder, Kempinski.